About Blog

The motivation behind this blog is to propose its readers an alternative way to organise their time and tasks.  And by alternative I mean, an alternative to the idea of getting things done.  Please note, I don’t mean any particular method here, I mean the idea itself, a pressure that we have from our culture to complete our tasks.

But, have you ever given it a thought?

Is ‘your’ urge to have tasks done, is ‘yours’ at all?

Or has that been imposed on your mind, almost like hypnoses?  From childhood chores to grown up’s sense of responsibility, even the “common sense” has been teaching us that things need to be done.  In a way, we have been hypnotised to believe that getting tasks done is an absolute objective of everyone’s life.  But is it so?  Could that be counterproductive?

If you have tried various methods or software solutions to manage your to-do lists, the chances are that you find that it is not working.  No matter what others might say, or how user-friendly a software solution is, something does not click in your case.  You try it for some time, and then you feel it’s not for you.

Good news is that you are not at fault.  There is nothing wrong with you.

Take a moment, and recall your experiences with all those methods, applications, web solutions, task manager, time management strategies, to-do lists, collaborative task solutions, priority matrixes, etc.  All of them share a similarity – they all have an objective to complete your tasks or achieve something.  Even if they teach you to relax, and free yourself from stress, they still pressure you to get stuff done.

But, why?  Why waste even slightest part of your energy on the task of getting tasks done?

What if we liberated ourselves from these hypnoses, and freed this trapped energy.  What if we approached tasks or time management or your life goals or any achievement as something that is not mandatory?  Will you fail in life? Or on the contrary, you would gain your freedom?

What if we freed energy from the task of getting tasks done and used it to actually get them done.  I will try to share with you how you can do it, but I warn you – it’s tricky.

When you assign yourself on the task not to waste energy on “getting tasks done” that assignment eventually becomes another form of the task that you need to achieve.   Thus becomes the waste of energy itself.

It’s very similar to the eastern philosophy of “desire”.  According to the Eastern teachings, craving is thought to be the cause of all suffering. So the goal is “not to desire”. But, if your desire is “not to desire”, it is still a new form of desire.

Don’t worry, anyone can do it, and boy you will feel released.  I promise.  It has worked for my friends with whom i shared the idea and for me.  Since it has helped some, I thought there might be others who would benefit from this discovery. Hence this blog.

Hey, and so that you know your engagement in comments are the most encouraging part of keeping me writing.

As an important notice, I need to make one thing clear.  Because of the topic of the idea behind this blog, I will often need to talk about not getting things done.  At the same time “Getting Things Done” is a title of the book by Mr. David Allen.  And in my use of the combination of these words, I don’t mean to refer to that specific book or method.  By now as I write this “about” page, I have not even read the book.  What I mean by ‘not getting things done’ is same as ‘not getting staff done’, ‘task done’, ‘not completing objectives’, etc. and refer to the pressure from the society and culture rather than from some specific author or app.  In a similar manner, most of task management software solutions use similar phrasings in their slogans, for example, NOZBE, one of my favourite app so far states – Simply Get Everything Done, and there are numerous different approaches to express the same thought.  I mean none specifically, but all as a whole.
With all my respects.