How Does “Not Getting Things Done” Work?

how getting thinks done works?

Getting things done or not getting them done, that is the question.

Everybody is focused about the absence of time and increment in obligations. You utilize different time management solution and methodologies to organize, spare or even to duplicate your time. You do it on account of one target – to have more tasks finished in fix time span.

But, no matter how counter-intuitive it might sound, freeing your mind from the goal of accomplishing tasks will  help you in achieving them.

You need to confront the actuality, that regardless of how hard you attempt to achieve more tasks, you are as yet going to have the capacity to perform just as much task as you are able to finish. Given that every other variable are equivalent…

What matters, is not your desire to complete more tasks, but your actual efficiency at the moment when you are working on completing any given task.  After all, overall progress in your task lists is sum of achieved of progresses for individual tasks. In other words:

Regardless of how hard you attempt to finish more tasks, what matter by the day’s end, is how proficient you were right at the moment of working on individual tasks.

And when working on individual tasks, the last thing that you need is your mind focusing on the idea of completing as many tasks as possible.  Instead, every minute you spend working on a particular task, your attention should be focused on the given task, and only that task, and nothing but that task, so help you, GOD.

Instead, when we choose one particular task, our mind is bombarded with everything else that you chose not to do by choosing to do the task you chose to do.

Oh, help you GOD.

And his blog.  Or the premise of it

The METHOD of “not getting things done” will if fact result in “more things done”.

Even if I called it “The METHOD”, in fact, it is more of an act of liberating yourself from all the methods.

It is an act of understanding all the methods out there, but allowing yourself to relax into them.

The idea is to get yourself to such a state of mind, that whenever you decide to work on any particular task, professional or even personal, you will be fully present for that particular task and not all the other tasks together trying to steal their part of attention, screaming in your head and demanding to switch to completing them.

Thus, the strategy depicted in this blog will offer you some assistance with liberating yourself from this weight, and propose to you an alternative method for taking a gander at everything, reaching far beyond the time management into the individual life, and life itself.

Before I complete this blog post, once again, I want to remind you the title of this post.  How does “not getting things done” work?

Your tasks are in your mind.  Your brain needs vitality to use on each task. You might not realise now, but once you understand our methodology, you will see that the task of “getting tasks done” is one of the greatest vitality channels in your system.   We are going to repair the drainage.  The energy we attain along these lines will be utilized on the genuine tasks.  And if the tasks are completed effectively, the aggregate of finished task are going to be the best result you could ever accomplish, regardless of the amount you attempted, that would be your MAX.  But you will see how much more you can do than you thought you could.

It’s like freeing up processor memory of your computer from unneeded leftovers that are still running in the background, even after you closed the program or even deleted one.

But how?.  How do you find the strength to give yourself the permission to “not get things done”?  Is it even possible?

Yes it is, and I am going to show you how.

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