Be Like Water – Empty Your Mind

Empty your mind.

I came across this video today.  It reminded me of what #notgettingthingdone is all about.  So I thought I would share.

You need to read the rest of the blog to understand the how it kind of is based on Wu Wei.  I am not Taoist or anything, I just have made my own observations of life and it just fits sometimes, even when it comes to productivity.

You see, I find it fascinating that we, humans, are making the same type of mistake in almost everything and that is including time management.  We are not like water at all.  Water finds it’s way to the sea not because it desperately desires to get there.  Water flows and avoids obstacles like rocks or other formations, it finds the easy way, it goes the way it can not the way that is short or is desired, without worrying at all, it gets finally to the sea.  Why worry when there is no other way for the river to go other than the sea.  In a similar way should humans be.  We will get there, there is no other way.

Thats why the art of getting things done is not about desiring to get them done.

You just need to be doing as much as you can daily, hourly, minute by minute, and you will get where you need to be at any given moment.  At any given moment you are where you need to be.

Our achievements are like water in the bottle which fills up not by pouring but drop by drop.  Think about it. Remember the shape of the bottle?  It has the neck and belly.  Neck can transit as much as it can, not more not less, even if you pour the water on bottle it will only go inside depending on the diameter of the neck not the belly.  Right? That is the same with life, and achievements, and goals.  Productivity is about letting go or pouring water and be drop by drop.

I talked so much of water it reminded me of Bruce Lee’s qout “be like water” and here is a great video:

Read on this blog.  I will try to show you my perspective on time management from the perspective of having an empty mind.

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