Improving Productivity? You have to do it yourself.

As you read the following paragraphs, you might wonder how is all that connected with improving productivity, but it is.  Just trust me, relax and read.

Imagine the following set up.

Friends are in the sauna. And one friend has more experience of the very special procedure, that is very relaxing.

Now this one friend is going to be a guide. He is going to let his friends have the right experience. Let’s call this guy Frank.

So, as they sit in the heated sauna, Frank starts to explain, that once they feel completely heated up, they go into a freezing cold water pool. But before they object, he continues:

– ‘ok, guys I know it does not sound that exciting, but if you do it the right way, you will discover to your surprise that you will be able to stay in the cold water for as long as you want and enjoy it. But you have to do it the right way”.

Frank then starts to explain, that biggest mistake one can make, when going into cold water after the sauna, is to jump in and be energetic to resist the freezing sensation, and then jump out. Instead, if they go into the water and cause water not to disturb and keep it as calm as possible, then they can go all the way into the water up to their throat and stay still, not move, and start to relax.

– ‘Soon, you will discover’ – he explains more – ‘that the heat of your body is going to warm the cold water touching the surface of your skin and since the water is still and not moving it is kind of going to form a heat insulation between you and the cold water. And as long as you don’t move, the ‘insulation’ is gonna keep you at the most comfortable temperature possible, and ideal one. You will not feel the water at all, because it is going to get balanced to the temperature of the skin. And this way you can stay in the water and relax, and keep this comfortable condition for 5 or 10 minutes.’

So then friends leave the sauna, and do what he does. And indeed they discover that what Frank was describing is right.  As they enter the cold water and do not disturb it, the still water heats up around their body and they sit comfortable in the cold water.  They never thought they could sit in cold water still and enjoy it for such a long time. But the fact is that it is only the matter of knowing how to.

One of the Franks friends, who learned the technique from Frank, visits the sauna next day again. But now he is with his other friend, who don’t know the technique. Let’s call him Adrian.

After the Sauna, Adrian just tells his friend to go into the cold water, without any explanation, just tell him to trust him. So this friend goes into the water, and his body is shocked, and he is about to jump out the cold water. Disturbing the water as he panics.

– “Listen to me!’ – Adrian says loud enough to grab his attention – ‘Listen to me! Calm down, relax. Trust me just relax, don’t move, just trust me”

And friend trusts him, and as he relaxes and water calms down and becomes still, the temperature of his body heats up the water touching his skin, and he find the comfort in the cold water, and figures out that he can stay in this cold water for as long as he wants. Or at least for next 5 to 10 minutes.

You see, there is a very distinctive difference in the strategy of how Frank shared the experience and how Adrian did. And that is exactly the point of this post.

You see, in the first case, Frank prepared his friends for what was about to come. And his friends were almost programmed to experience what Frank has described. As they did so, they compared and assumed that Frank was right, of course when Frank was describing the experience they could not imagine exactly what they later really felt. You the reader of this post, might imagine what this is all about, but when you do experience it, it is quite and extraordinary experience. Frank has just described the idea, it was his finger pointing to the experience not the experience itself. Only after his friends went into the calm water, did they really understand what Frank was saying.

In the second case, Adrian’s strategy was absolutely different, he let his friend find out by himself. And they never even had to describe anything. If Frank had a finger pointing to the experience, Adrian did not even point just let the experience point on itself.

I think both are the valid ways, I am not saying that either is better and other one is not. But both involves the friend, who has to do the experience.

In exactly the same way, when one tries to improve productivity, using various methods, no matter what the method is, one has to realise that it is only when you try and do it, that you start to understand how this or that specific approach is going to make you more productive.

And so, is exactly the same with the method describe in this blog. In order to really understand the benefits of #notgettingthingsdone you have to try and experience it yourself.   I’m going to be sometimes like Frank, and sometimes like Adrian, but in either case, you will only understand the process when you really do it.

That’s all I wanted to say. 🙂

P.S. Oh, and I know that by now there is only very little instruction in this blog so far, only 4 posts, and very very precise Frank like details are coming up. Please subscribe and learn my technique of improving productivity.

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