Increase productivity by understanding the illusion of – ‘the purpose in life’.

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When it comes to productivity, it would be fair to say that people find it hard to increase productivity, only because they can not figure our what is it that they want to do.  What is the purpose of doing anything at all.  What is their purpose in life?  Is the job that they do what their heart wants them to do?

But I think we are fundamentally wrong when we are searching for the thing that we want to do in life.  Because then we are unable to find it, and thus always compare what we actually do to that “THING”, that we have not been able to find.  And when we compare, no matter what we do seems just not that fulfilling.

But let’s really consider one question.  What exactly is that ‘thing’ that we are looking for?  Can we describe it?  Can we try to describe it?

Potential answers might sound like – ‘something that my heart wants to do’.  Ok.  So then, don’t get satisfied with this answer, because that does not describe anything at all.   Let’s ask the next obvious question – ‘but how would I describe something that my heart wants to do?’.  Specific details.

If we were doing the thing that our heart wants to do, how would we be able to recognise it?

You have to meditate on this subject on your own.  You have to really ask this questions.  And in my opinion, if you were to really be honest with yourself, you would find it impossible to describe, and thus discover something very pessimistic:

Considering the vastness of the universe we live in, there can be no job that your heart can truly want to do.

But if you think more you will discover something absolutely amassing:

Since there is no job or the task, that your heart can truly want, you are free from the search. And the thing that you choose to do, will become what your heart wants to do.

I know this sound very unpractical, but it is not.  And let me explain with an example.

When discussing this topic with a friend of mine, he told me:

— But, you are wrong.  You are absolutely wrong when you say that there can be nothing that you heart truly wants to do.  You are wrong because I can give you examples of when people have found such things, and are better off, then you and me.

I smiled for myself, because I knew what he was about to say.  And he did bring an example of:

— A composer.  A composer that writes music, that is all of his life and all of his passion.  No matter if he is successful or not, he is doing what his heart wants to do.

My friend wants to find something for himself, that would be equivalent of what music is for composer.

And a composer is just one example of this idea.  Why not a painter, or film director, or a doctor who saves life, or what about the priest who dedicated his job to serving god, how about a entrepreneur who starts business, what about a programmer who write the beautiful code, how about a dancer, how about everyone else?

You see the trick that our mind plays on us is very simple:

We forget that what we imagine that music is for the composer, and what music really is for the composer is two different things.

If you had patient to read this blogpost to this point, just grab and never leg to of this simple truth.  Because the reason why your productivity is not increasing, or you are unhappy with your job, or you are unable to accomplish more, is simply based on this mistake.

What you ‘imagine music is for composer’ is really nothing else but an illusion.  It is exactly the same illusion as ‘I can not find what my heart wants to do’.   Because it is only your assumption that music for the composer is what his heart wants to do.

You see the composer never searched for it, he just chose to do music, and he did it with the heart.

It was not that composer searched and search to what to do, and imagined something that his/her heart would want to do, and then finally did music and discovered that music is what he has been searching for.   He did not have to compare music with something illusionary.  He did not have to say, I want to find something that for me is what painting is for painter.

No matter how unique we want to be, we humans are all the same.

Once we realise that there is nothing out there that is meant for us, then everything we choose becomes meaning.

When we stop comparing what we do, with what we abstractly imagine we could have been doing, we should be able to recognise that not matter what we choose to do is what our heart wants to do.

Thus what we are doing now, is what we chose in past, thus it is what our heart want to do.  And if really observe what we do, no matter what that is, we can find joy in it, because we compare no more and our productivity increases.

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